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Breastfeeding Support

Something that is supposed to be so natural can often be a challenge, so Wellington North Parents Centre runs a breastfeeding support service to help you with your feeding journey. 

The best thing is that it is completely free, and you don’t need to leave the house!

Receive an online Zoom call from a qualified lactation consultant who can give you support and advice. This free service is available whether you are a Parents Centre member or not.

Send us a message via Facebook and we will put you in touch with the lactation consultant. Don’t have Facebook? Email us

First Aid Kits

This​ ​popular​ ​kit​ ​has​ ​an​ ​amazing​ ​range​ ​of​ ​first​ ​aid​ ​equipment.

The kit includes:

  • Heavy​ ​Duty​ ​Waterproof​ ​Bag​ ​with​ ​internal​ ​pockets​ ​(240mm​ ​x​ ​180mm​ ​x​ ​85mm.)
  • Digital​ ​Thermometer
  • Instant​ ​ice​ ​pack​ ​2​ ​x​ ​Emergency​ ​Blankets
  • 1​ ​x​ ​CPR​ ​Resuscitation​ ​mask​ ​with​ ​valve
  • 1​ ​x​ ​Eye​ ​Pad​ ​5.5cm​ ​x​ ​7.5cm
  • 2​ ​x​ ​Burns​ ​Dressings​ ​20cm​ ​x​ ​30cm
  • 2​ ​x​ ​Conforming​ ​Bandage​ ​Rolls​ ​6cm​ ​x​ ​400cm 2​ ​x​ ​Conforming​ ​Bandage​ ​Rolls​ ​8cm​ ​x​ ​400cm
  • 20​ ​x​ ​Band​ ​Aid​ ​strips​ ​7.5cm​ ​x​ ​2cm
  • 2​ ​x​ ​Triangular​ ​Bandages​ ​90cm​ ​x​ ​90cm​ ​x​ ​127cm
  • Long​ ​adhesive​ ​strip​ ​6cm​ ​x​ ​20cm
  • Adhesive​ ​Multi-pore​ ​Tape​ ​Roll​ ​13mm​ ​x​ ​5m
  • 3​ ​x​ ​Butterfly​ ​Adhesive​ ​Plasters​ ​7.4cm​ ​x​ ​4.5cm
  • 2​ ​x​ ​Knuckle​ ​Adhesive​ ​Plasters​ ​7.5cm​ ​x​ ​3.7cm
  • 4​ ​x​ ​Semi-permeable​ ​Dressings​ ​6cm​ ​x​ ​7cm
  • 3​ ​x​ ​Adhesive​ ​Island​ ​Dressings​ ​6cm​ ​x​ ​7cm
  • 2​ ​x​ ​Adhesive​ ​Island​ ​Dressings​ ​6cm​ ​x​ ​10cm
  • Combined/Abdominal​ ​absorbent​ ​pad​ ​23cm​ ​x​ ​12.5cm
  • Scissors​ ​15cm
  • Tweezers​ ​(metal)
  • 4​ ​pairs​ ​large​ ​PVC​ ​safety​ ​gloves
  • 10​ ​x​ ​safety​ ​pins
  • 4​ ​x​ ​Soap​ ​wipes​ ​20cm​ ​x​ ​19cm
  • 4​ ​x​ ​Saline​ ​Cleansing​ ​Wipes​ ​20cm​ ​x​ ​19cm
  • First​ ​Aid​ ​Guide

Cost: $39

To purchase, please email us here

Coffee Groups

Parents Centre Coffee Groups are a great way to build relationships with your antenatal group you experience similar challenges and joys. These coffee groups can become a lifeline, as you navigate the early days of parenthood.

We facilitate the initial ‘Coffee Group’ with your fellow antenatal graduates, then leave you to form connections.  A lot of our Coffee Group participants become lifelong friends, sharing milestones and memories as their children grow.


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